Friday, March 11, 2011

Colonial steamer... pt. 8 The Saga Continues

Hi everyone!

Not a huge update today, but an idea of my "next steps". I have been adding rivets to the cabins, as you can see. Just to bulk it up a little bit. I won't be doing much more to the actual cabins in terms of modelling detail, I will be doing more work on that with paints instead.

I did add a rim around the bottom deck to beef it up - a nice little tip from Jim Bibbly over at LAF. I'll be adding rivets all around the ship, including the hull.

But for now, on with the pictures!

Overall I'm pleased with the progression of the ship. I really just have to sit down and finish building it, rather than just working in dribs and drabs! I'll be working on the exhaust pipe next, and planning a few little additional details like cargo, anchors, and a few more suprises!

Until next time, here's a sneak peek of what I've been cooking up for the next part of the Colonial project...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Colonial steamer pt. 7

Finished a fair bit of work on the pilothouse. The outer layer is done with cardboard, the rest of the structural work is obviously balsa. The searchlight on the top is a Reviresco piece. The sun shades on the sides are stowage pieces from a Tamiya 1/48 kit, and the front window is made out styrene held up by paperclips.

And that's the pilothouse. I have some accessories to place inside, and some interior decorating planned but that's for another day.

And in the grand tradition of men riding strange animals, here's another picture:

March is... er, Colonial month, what?

Well I've decided to keep calm and carry on with my Colonial steamer during March, as well as doing some work on The Battle of Frogonia.

Not much else to say about this, I'm afraid. So, here's a picture to keep in the spirit of things: