Friday, November 19, 2010

Speaking of inconveniences...

Well, the D&D "Big Game" got canned. Postponed for another time, due to unforseen circumstances and calendar malfunctions. Well, maybe another time.

So, I thought I'd forget the whole fantasy business and go back to what I actually want to do! So here's a list of a few different projects I have running at the moment, and what stage they're at:

Colonial Steamer - have a foam base for it, and I've started the timber decking. I also have some concept drawings which I'll post up tonight (but they're on LAF somewhere, too).

Lost World - I have a decent collection of explorers, African tribesmen, Pygmies, dinosaurs, and some other wild animals. Nothing painted yet, but I also have all the jungle bases I'll ever need!

The Curse of the Black Scarab - The name of the Pulp campaign I've been working on for some time. I have a bunch of adobe buildings waiting to get roofs and some spackling, painting etc. No pictures as yet. I have heaps of Arab raiders (courtesy of Foundry and Empress) as well as a unit of British soldiers in later Palestine kit (from Pulp Figures) and the adventures mentioned above.

Sharpe - I just bought a box of Perry Napoleonic British Line Infantry and have already put together my own version of the eponymous hero, as well as plenty of troops for the South Essex, and on the flip side, some mutinous British. There's suitable parts to make Obadiah Hakeswill... This is primarily an effort to get my Dad to play a couple of games with me, so we'll see how that goes!

Atlantis Campaign - Red Orc and I have been putting together all the material to date as part of a fictional account of the exploration of the long, lost island of Atlantis. I am doing mainly artistic work, such as layouts and maps, but it is a good bit of fun!

So, plenty to do. Time to get back on that horse!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures - Orc Barbarian

On the 20th of November my friends and I are having a rather big game of Dungeons and Dragons in an effort to get together the members that have dropped off from the group over the years, and for one day relive the glorious days of adventure and excitement in the DMs living room.

Well, I'm putting together some nice surprises for the day, and here's one of them. An Orc Barbarian from the Chainmail range:

A bit of a dodgy photo, mind you. But, hopefully you like what I've done with him! I'll be putting better pics of him later, when I have more finished!