Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tales from the Crpyt pt. 2

Hello all,

Here is an update on the crypt project. You can see a fair bit of detail as to how it all came together from the last update.

I hope you've enjoyed the latest installment! Plenty of work yet to go, but the plaster flooring really did take a long time. You can see how the segments came out, which should give you an idea of how much carving had to be done around the slabs. This was all done with a hobby saw for the larger chunks, but a craft knife for the majority of it (plenty of tiny angles just waiting to snap off). Still to go are some interior elements such as sarcophagi, bricks to drawn in the walls, and the paint job!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Son of a Pitch pt. 2

A really quick update, but I did a fair bit of work over the weekend, have a look:

Here is a clever hole in which I will insert goal posts... made from a tube of styrene, you'll be able to see the posts in a future update.

And some work on the grass...


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tales from the Crypt pt. 1

Hi everyone,

I've been a busy guy these past few weeks. This is some work on another commission I've picked up to build a grave mound with a fully-furnished interior crypt.

Over the top will be the graveyard itself with a small mausoleum leading to the crypt below. This is such a great idea for a piece, so hat's off to Robert for dreaming it up. I hope I do it justice!

So, on with the pics...

First up I have to acknowledge the fantastic work that Jack Pantalone aka. Sangennaru aka. The Lazy Forger ( did with these cobblestone sections. I am working off moulds from his original pieces and they are bloody brilliant. I'll have some pics of my plaster-casting set-up in my garage in a later segment.

This is the result:

And this is how I'm using them... yes, I have to carve away the excess plaster. Very therapeutic! This picture also includes the masonite base I've made for the piece:

Here are a few more details. Robert also sent me some photos of the Sedlec ossuary... this isn't going to be a replica but hopefully you can appreciate the decor!

Some details of the resin skulls purchased from eBay...

And how the whole piece is looking right now, with some resin bits and bobs I've collected over the years. Not sure who made them, though...

So there you have it, the makings of an underground crypt... Enjoy!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Son of a Pitch Pt. 1

Hi all,

It is absolutely stinking hot here. I've just wrapped up my holidays and have gotten back into my day job. My last efforts in my second life as a miniature scenery maker were spent on a couple of projects. One of them being a Blood Bowl for the Ausbowl State Championship 2 held by the boys over at BBLOC South Ausrtralia (Check their blog here -

I don't need to go into how important local tournaments are. That's why I've agreed to put together a custom built pitch for the winner! This lucky bugger will get the Blood Bowl pitch I wish I had built for my self! I have an earlier one kicking around the blog, but here are some WIP pics of what's coming:

You can see in the last pic there are a few little surprises in store for the (un)lucky players. Quite a few things to trip over (including a bear trap!) and some rather deadly-looking goal posts.

More pics soon, as I've had it undercoated last weekend and can't wait to finish it up!