Friday, May 31, 2013

Son of a pitch pt. 3 - the final installment!

Hi all,

Well, the tournament has come and gone, and the pitch I was building was raffled off with great success. All the best to the guys over at BBLOCSA (AusBowl blog here: with their club and future tourneys, it was great working with you!

Here are some pictures of the finished pitch:

The great news is that I am also supporting another local BB tournament called Eucalyptus Bowl in July, 2013. There will be another pitch coming along as a prize from me. Aside from being another fantastic home-grown intiative is that EucBowl also support Bowel Cancer Australia. These guys are all definitely doing a great job for the gaming and wider community, so get behind them if you can.

Hope you like the pitch, and more on the next project will be up soon!