Monday, January 31, 2011

Full steam ahead! February is Colonial Month!

Hi gang!

I couldn;t decide how to label this months endeavours, but they will be the start of some 19th - 20th Century quasi-historical gaming. Yes, there will still be some Frogonia throughout the month, but I am going to keep to my plans for changing my focus every month. So away with the 40k and BloodBowl figures, it's all about conquest & Empire.

I'll be setting sail into this relatively new genre for me with the construction of a River Steamer!

Here is a concept picture and a few shots of the yet-to-be-name steamboat.

Clearly a long ways to go, yet. How about you give me some ideas for names?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Plague Marine/BloodBowl wrap-up

Well, that's January over and done with. What a start to the year. I started a new job this week and it's been something really different for me: student support/admin, computer-y type click-copy-click-paste kind of work. But, the more productive I am during the day, the more happy students there are out there. And, for now, that's enough to keep me going. Oh yes, and the pay.

So, onto more interesting things. Something I actually completed: the Plague Marine squad. I have here a leader for the unit equipped with a power fist (don't leave your homeworld without it!) and combi-bolter, and a guy who is pretty animated for a bloated, rotting suit of power armour.

On to the pics!

So, pretty awful photos to be honest. As I said, they're going back into storage and I'm cracking into a couple of new projects.

Oh! I almost forgot BloodBowl. Well, I didn;t paint them like I had planned to, but they're undercoated - it's a step in the right direction. My Ulfwerener is mostly converted and I have the bits and pieces to build a Troll. But that's for another time.

So, what's next? I've been going on about Colonial month for a while now, but I've been distracted by greener pastures. However, I'm going to be building a Steamer in anticipation to some deepest, dark African adventures.

By the way, check out this new blog I'm making with my partner in crime Romina aka Painting Princess. Here it is:

I hope everyone out there has had a more productive month than me!

'Til next time...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

BloodBowl month you say...? Some Plague Marines instead.

Well, I'm waiting on a Troll to arrive in the mail, and BB is on a back burner. Played a couple of games so far and it has been a blast. I have a conversion of an Ulfwerener coming along that I'm quite pleased with.

I recently embarked on a side project *groan* to finish a Plague Marine squad for my small Chaos warband. Just a few models: 10-man Chaos Marine squad, 5 Plaguebearers, and a few characters. I put these guys together (which is something I've been thinking about for a long time).

And a pic to show just how much green stuff went into building this last guy:

So I'm pretty happy with results. I only have two more to go (the "special" weapon guy and a squad leader) then I'm dropping this to finish my BloodBowl team because next month is *drumroll* Colonial month!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

January is Blood Bowl month!

Greetings sports-fans, I'm Hergar Thrundson. It's Blood Bowl season across the Old World and we're joined live by our team at the Dreiflussen Stadium as we prepare for the Mad-Cap Cup. I'm joined by Zog Nosebiter to give us some updates on the weather, the turn out, and this season's tips. Over to you, Zog... you filthy greenskin...

First cab off the rank for this year's projects is the low-down, dirty ballgame commonly known as Blood Bowl. This is one that has been shelved for a long time. There will be some pics soon, but a quick report on what's been happening so far is here:

One scratch-built pitch, completed in 2008...

In Progress:
Painting and converting (and naming!) my Norse team
Scratchbuild a scoreboard
Converting and painting a referee
Painting and converting the Sylvania Shamblers 

Not started yet:
Assistant coaches and support staff
Scratchbuild dugouts 

Other stuff:
Painting a Chaos Dwarf team
Painting and converting Chaos team
Painting and converting an Orc team

Speaking of Undead, here's some pics of the minis I converted a while ago... give a wild, frothing cheer for the Sylvania Shamblers!

The top figure is a converted Mummy from Hero Quest using Ork, Chaos Warrior and other bits and pieces. The bottom row are four Skeleton linemen from a mix of plastic parts, and the bottom figure is a Wight made from an old Chaos Warrior and a Zombie head.

They played one game and won. I would like to come back and finish this team off next. I'm not too fussed about the "Other stuff" section but it's there if I want something to do before the month ends!

In the next post you will be able to read about the results of the most recent games in the Mad-Cap Cup.

This is shaping up to be a real bone-breaker of a season! I'm Hergar Thrundson, signing off.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, new plan. Let's call it Plan B.

Well, I've had a think about trying out a new way of tackling my growing pile of projects and lead. This is what I'm going to try: Each month will be a new project month. Easy, right?

That way, I won't be tossing up which mini to paint next or feeling bad about deviating from big projects.

Lets see how this goes, shall we?