Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tales from the Crypt pt. 1

Hi everyone,

I've been a busy guy these past few weeks. This is some work on another commission I've picked up to build a grave mound with a fully-furnished interior crypt.

Over the top will be the graveyard itself with a small mausoleum leading to the crypt below. This is such a great idea for a piece, so hat's off to Robert for dreaming it up. I hope I do it justice!

So, on with the pics...

First up I have to acknowledge the fantastic work that Jack Pantalone aka. Sangennaru aka. The Lazy Forger (http://www.thelazyforger.com) did with these cobblestone sections. I am working off moulds from his original pieces and they are bloody brilliant. I'll have some pics of my plaster-casting set-up in my garage in a later segment.

This is the result:

And this is how I'm using them... yes, I have to carve away the excess plaster. Very therapeutic! This picture also includes the masonite base I've made for the piece:

Here are a few more details. Robert also sent me some photos of the Sedlec ossuary... this isn't going to be a replica but hopefully you can appreciate the decor!

Some details of the resin skulls purchased from eBay...

And how the whole piece is looking right now, with some resin bits and bobs I've collected over the years. Not sure who made them, though...

So there you have it, the makings of an underground crypt... Enjoy!

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