Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Colonial steamer pt. 7

Finished a fair bit of work on the pilothouse. The outer layer is done with cardboard, the rest of the structural work is obviously balsa. The searchlight on the top is a Reviresco piece. The sun shades on the sides are stowage pieces from a Tamiya 1/48 kit, and the front window is made out styrene held up by paperclips.

And that's the pilothouse. I have some accessories to place inside, and some interior decorating planned but that's for another day.

And in the grand tradition of men riding strange animals, here's another picture:


  1. Looking good so far! The searchlight is a nice touch.

  2. I remember when this was just a piece of foam and a few cassette cases... top notch work, really coming along.

  3. Lovely,hurry up and paint it!(laughs).