Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ye Olde Inne - A work in progress

Another piece I have been putting together for a [i]long [/i]time. Finally put some paint on it over the last couple of weeks (very little paint, over very many days):

 And with some Perry WOTR figures coming any day now, this should see some use. I'm also looking forward to using it for any Fantasy, Napoleonics, Pulp, Horror... you name it!

I am planning on building some more to go with it, and will hopefully end up with a small hamlet one day. And while I have plenty of jungle bases, I only have one or two forest-type bases... it will be fun to put together some more.

So what's to go on this one? Window grills on the empty ones, a few hinges and mossy growth all around the place.

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