Saturday, August 27, 2011

WIP Hag pt. 3

So, after reading some of the suggestions I got to work and came up with this:

Hope you like it! I always appreciate the feedback, so let me know what you reckon! At this stage I'm looking to put it into production. How exactly that will work with her current pose I'm not sure. I guess I'll be learning as I go... anyone want to shed some light on this potential problem?


  1. Definitely the right decision on the pose as it helps to give her some stability. I have no real experience as to the problems of casting but just thinking of figures that I've bought i wonder if the two arms grasping the staff would be cast separately to make the job easier? I'm sure there will be someone out there with a lot more experience than me to comment though!

  2. She is coming along nicely. I'm not a lot of help either but I suspect the arm going across the body like that may be an issue. As Michael says , casting the arm as a separate part would solve that problem.