Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ancient Wall Fort - 3rd and final installment

There's a first for everything I guess! This project is now done and dusted. A little more on the fate of this monstrosity a bit later.

So, last time I promised some more in progress shots, and here they are:
With Lord of the Rings figures for scale. Looking pretty good at this point, I reckon. Took a lot longer to actually finish but you will see that soon.

So, a little story as to what happened at Conquest and the ultimate fate of the Ancient Wall Fort. I had intended to have it complete by the Saturday. I had driven from my sister's place at Murrumbateman to Melbourne - a drive that all up took around 7.5 hours. Arriving in the fair city of Melbourne delirious and bloody-well exhausted I started painting what I had left. At about midnight I hit the sack and woke up again at 4:00am to add some finishing touches... in the end I thought better of it and took it to the show to paint on site.

I was approached by Michael (of whom, there are two) at D6 Gaming for some terrain pieces to put up in his shop. I struggled a bit but finally made the choice to send over a nice, big, impressive piece that will hopefully get a lot of use and draw some attention! And what, pray tell, did it look like?

In the morning, Melbournite sun... just before handing it over!
Some dwarves prepare to defend the walls from an oncoming attack!
Don't let them through!!!

I guess I'll need to build my self a new one! Hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did.


  1. I love it! An outstanding bit of terrain making. I'm certainly going to be stealing some of those ideas in the summer as it would work perfectly for my Indian Mutiny miniatures.

  2. Mate, I would love to see what you come up with! Let me know if you have any questions... but it's all pretty basic! The wood turned columns are actually from some crochet needles... but that's the only secret bit! Thanks for writing.