Thursday, October 28, 2010

A little bit about my painting...

This is a miniature I painted for an online painting competition on the Collecting Citadel Miniatures Yahoo! Group. I don't remember which place I got, but I won something very cool. I also had a few friends and family to help me with the voting, but all in all not a bad job:

It's a great miniature by Bob Olley (one of my favourite sculptors) that he sculpted for CCM. All proceeds of sale from the miniatures went to help a young boy in hospital in Australia - hence the kangaroo. At this point in time, he is sitting on my shelf collecting a fair bit of dust!

Secondly is this fine fellow, another of Mr. Olley's fine miniatures:

He is named the Alpha Zorgl, and is based on the villain Ro-Man from the 1950s B-movie "Robot Monster". Unfortunately, he didn't win me a prize: I was outdone by the same tactics that won me votes in the last comp.

However, he now has a permanent spot in the limelight: the East Riding Miniatures website, where you can even buy one for yourself!

'Til next time!
P.S. Here is a poster I made for Alpha Zorgl's next big production:


  1. The Alpha Zorgl is a great mini - I like the blue on the helmet: makes it look very sinister!