Sunday, October 31, 2010

My first experiences at a "real" car boot sale...

It was all up in the air, you could say...

Coming out of Sydney at 8am to overcast skies and drizzle was a dubious start to what ended up being a terrific day. Romi and I grabbed some traditional South American fare for breakfast (biscochos... what else!) and headed on down to (what turned out to be) sunny Marulan.

Hurtling down the Hume Highway to hulking, dark grey storm clouds, we arrived to the sale just in time. We grabbed a parking spot in our host's backyard, and unloaded the goodies. News was that there was a storm thrashing our Nation's capital, Canberra, but we were lucky enough not to get a drop. Just a strong wind at the end of the day, when everyone had packed up.

Admittedly, I bought more than I sold. A lot more. So, on to the goodies:

Copplestone: Cavemen (4), Female Archaeologists (4), Deinonychuses (2), and an adventurous looking chap in a spiffing jumper with a backpack from the "Jolly Good Chaps" set for $20.

Foundry Spartan Command set for some small sword and sandal type adventures (possibly over the Christmas holidays using LOTR rules) for $10.

Osprey Books: Queen Victoria's Enemies I and II (Southern Africa and Northern Africa, respectively) and The Indian Mutiny for $12.

Romi got the best deal though, some OOP Citadel Dwarves including: Gyrocopter, Cannon, Ballista and King Khazador for $20.

Oh, and I sold two Lledo cars for $6.

Looking forward to the next one! Chris did a great job hosting us in his yard. It was a really fun atmosphere, very laid back and friendly.

More car boot sales, I say, what?


  1. good one mate we are planning for the next one 29th of May 2011..
    and here is mine and Greywolfs dystopia site