Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cancon... and my first sculpt

Well, I've finally recovered after the hustle and bustle of this year's Cancon! It was actually a bloody nice, relaxing weekend with plenty of miniature hijinx. I caught up with some chums I don't see often enough (Dave, Guy and Kendo) and spent some quality time behind the Eureka stand, trying out Dave's Skulldred rules and having a great time all 'round, so thanks to Nic and Jack for the seat!

Of course I bought stuff, too. My Afghan terrorists have swelled in numbers after a recent recruitment run (headswaps may be in order, though) and they've got some heavy duty back up: the brand new recoilless rifle (hopefully on the Eureka website soon). I also got some of the 80s U.S. troops in MOPP suits for some chemical warfare... they will be done up as terrorists, though. I also grabbed some Ral Partha Ogres from the hand of Bob Olley (well, not literally, but he did sculpt them). And a few odds and ends... I'm really looking forward to next year's.

Two really memorable things happened: one was that a little feller showed us his painted Frog Princess that I converted (and should be available for purchase from Eureka really soon). I also finished my first full sculpt, and Nic has kindly offered to cast a few for me. Here's a pic of the finished product:

So, I hope you like it! She will eventually get some accessories: I had planned a cauldron for her, and I guess she needs a cat or a toad or something.

So all in all an eventful, and really enjoyable weekend. I also got to catch up with my sister and brother-in-law who accommodated us at their new property. And now... back to the real world!


  1. Excellent news! The sculpt is looking great and it must be such a thrill knowing that it will soon be turned into a metal miniature!

  2. G'day Michael, thanks for writing! It's a bit of a big deal, I guess :) I'll be sure to post up some pics when I get them back!