Thursday, February 2, 2012

More sculpts: Ancient Citizen dolly and Ettin (2-headed Ogre) WIP

Hi there!

Well, I've been working on a few more pieces lately. And having a lot of fun doing it. Mind you, there is still a fair bit of work to go on these but let me know if you think they're okay.

First up, this is a series of figures I'm putting together as dollies for some ancient citizenry. This guy might be found cheering on his favourite gladiator, or even lifting a heavy load (use your imaginations!!):

And a back view:

And next up is a particularly large and unpleasant bloke. An Ettin, or two-headed Ogre. I'll be taking a leaf from the "old school", after being enamoured with Dave King's work on his Bederken figures. I've since pulled out my old Citadel Orcs, Hobgoblins and a surprisingly intact copy of Warhammer Third Edition (where the artwork was more imaginative and diverse compared to today's GW publications, by far).

Well, looking forward to seeing these guys done and any comments or feedback you might have!


  1. Excellent. I like the Hag as well.
    The two headed ogre..only one head short of the monty python one :-D

  2. Taking shape nicely. The ogre's fleshy mounds are going to look tremendous.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. There has been some progress on these, but nothing too major :) Expect an update this weekend though!