Sunday, February 12, 2012

The first casualty of building models is...

... my left pointer finger.

So the piece of foam I was cutting had a snag and the blade jumped. Slived the top of my finger, although it didn't seem too bad at first. As I ran to the bathroom I had to stop the bloody thing from dripping on our new carpet. So a few rinses under that tap and I applied some pressure... after I let go a nauseating throb of pain hit me, so I put pressure on it again. The second time it happened I thought it might be a good idea to take a seat.

Only the next thing I knew I was picking my self off the floor, as if in a dream. Some dream!

Anyway, I'm quite alright now, it really is "just a scratch"... heck of a way to spend my Saturday.

So what's your worse hobby-related injury?

Good news is there are quite a few photos I've got to upload, which I'll do tonight!


  1. Bad show! Hope you got some tender loving care(;

    No injuries here,though I did have a work related injury which stopped me from painting for about a week.

  2. I also recall you were struck with an ailment not long ago. Shingles I think it was? Well my little cut wasn't enough to deter me from finishing installing a towel rack and doing some sculpting :D

  3. Yep,that was like something out of Lovecraft,that was 4 weeks of no painting,terrible!

    Keep up the sculpting,not so sure about the towel rack.....Once it's up,I guess you wont need any more...

  4. Glad to hear that there is no lasting damage! No serious injuries here but I am for ever dropping paint lids all over the place; the latest a deep buff shade has left a rather unattractive stain in the most embarrassing of places!

  5. Ha! You cut bits off yourself as well !? :-D A few months ago, I was freeing some figs from a sprue. The modelling blade was new, but just wasn´t cutting at all. I applied a load of pressure on the back of the blade with my pointy finger and found out I had got the blade the wrong way around!!!!! Bled like nothing else. A couple of weeks later....I did EXACTLY the same thing but this time I went a lot deeper and managed to get myself a scar !!! :-D
    Piccy :-D

  6. Youch, I was reading that at work and couldn't help wincing :s That's a nasty one. When I was a child I stapled my thumb, and it doesn't sound anywhere near as bad!!! Just a quick trip and a band aid for me, hasn't stopped me in my tracks just yet :)