Friday, February 24, 2012

New Sculpt... Greywolf the Dwarf

Hello all,

Well, I've been at it again. Here is my latest green: a dwarf for all seasons, really. Is he a woodsman, or farmer, even adventurer? Well, the way he's coming along it will be up to you!

So I guess he came about from spending some afternoons with Dave King (who has taught me a lot! Thanks, Dave), burying myself in a copy of 3rd Edition Warhammer and an incidental post from Greywolf on LAF: a link to Bo Hannson's Middle Earth soundtrack. So here's to you, wolf man!

Have a look at what I've done so far:

Greywolf in his infancy.

The money shot.

And here is a picture of him with his arms... and arms:

The idea is that his gear is interchangeable... or I may make variants of him. What do you lot think?


  1. I love the idea of interchangeable, just makes him more versatile. Great looking character.

  2. Lovely work mate! Nice to be immortalised (: If you get him cast up, I would like a copy?

  3. I won't. I'll just glue the real Greywolf to a stand and use him instead. Well done, Christian :)