Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ludwig von Barkhoven

Hi everyone,

I am very proud to announce that, for the first time, one of my sculpts has become commercially available. Ludwig von Barkhoven is now available from Alternative Armies by clicking here. He is actually part of a giveaway at the moment.

So, the miniature!

I do love Napoleonics. With Flintloque I am able to actually get some games in, and enjoy the small-scale skirmishes I've wanted to do since watching Sharpe. After reading a scenario with Beethoven as the objective of a rescue mission, I immediately turned to Flintloque and how we could do something similar. We needed Beethoven... or is that Barkhoven?

Here he is in the green:

Gavin Syme from Alternative Armies very kindly accepted the miniature and set about putting him into production.

Here is a picture of the first cast, straight out of the machine and into Gavin's hand:

As you can imagine I was quite eager to get him painted, so when the casts arrived I got right on to it:

And here is the great job that Sam Croes over at AA did for their promo work:

The beauty of this process is that, even now, the esteemed Notables - the Flintloque Yahoo Group - are pitching together to put a backstory and rules together for this furry little chap. A really great community effort, bringing this lead dogman to life.

Have you got yourself Ludwig von Barkhoven? Be sure to send in some pictures, if you do!

Hope you like him.

- Christian


  1. Lovely stuff and a great posting. Nice job Christian.

    My own hand eh....looking at it right now. :-)


  2. Well done Christian! Thank you for sculpting him.


  3. Nicely painted. And very well done on the sculpting.


  4. Thanks for the comments all, really glad to have him out in the world... taking a life of his own!