Monday, February 7, 2011

Colonial steamer pt. 2

Here's a bit of an update on the steamer project.

I glued down the decking on the original base, as well as on the extension. This has resulted in a crooked mess but I have cleverly hidden this with the cardboard strip around the outside and some filling with putty and more slivers of cardboard.Measure twice, cut once, and all that.

So I'm still deciding what to name her. But as she will most likely be a Belgian ship, I was thinking Belle Epoque (literally a "beautiful age" of society and culture named in hindsight regarding the period from the end of the Franco-Prussian War to the beginning of WW1), and have her painted up as a ship that has long since passed her glory days.

And on with the pictures:

So, the next steps are:
1) Bottom level of cabins;
2) Middle-deck, pillars to hold it up etc.
3) Top level of navigator's cabin and the passenger/big gun area
4) All manner of knick-knacks and ship parts (just did a quick stop over at Reviresco)
5) A crew, most likely.

So, plenty to go and lots more to come!


  1. She looks glorious mate! The proportions looks really good now.

  2. Thanks mate! I was a bit concerned as to how the thing was going to turn out.

    She might be a match for your Barbary corsairs... what do you say? ;)

  3. I fine match alright! I may need a few more though. :(