Sunday, February 27, 2011

Colonial steamer pt. 6a - "Toot toot", indeed.

Just a small update for this evening. I am nowhere near having this finished this weekend (it is Sunday evening now and time for bed). However, some nice progress was made tonight courtesy of the lovely Painting Princess. However, I haven't got any photos.

What I did take were some photos of the things I'll be using to liven up the build - accessories mostly. I thought it would be a nice bit of eye candy while you're waiting for a real update.

First up, the bits box. Followed by some bags of Reviresco gear (portholes and rails) and some close ups of the Faller plastic crates and Boot Hill goodies.

And there was one slight modification to the ship. I have now placed the larger cabin at the back, and the smaller cabin to the fore of the ship. This will allow me to play around with a boiler and staircase without interfering with my plans for the top-deck big gun/cargo/pavillion area.

I may just make a small room to accomodate the pipe, or have an exposed boiler. Still tossing the idea around... maybe you can give me some suggestions?

And for another diversion, I have put together a small expeditionary force that will (hopefully) use the ship for their travels through the Congo and beyond.

1 x Hero (he's in the picture)
10 x Askaris (Trained, Leader)
8 x Tribal musketmen (Raw)
10 x Tribal warriors/cannibals (Raw, Leader)
1 x Gatling gun with 3 crew (Trained)

That's the plan anyway... they are going to be Belgians, at this stage. The only problem is that my Askari unit is only half Blegian models, the others are generic. So we'll see... later. Much later.

Goodnight, everybody!

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