Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Colonial Steamer pt. 4

Some more pictures. I hope you like them!

So, plans are going well. I have also received some great little items from Eureka and Reviresco to make it a little more authentic: some deck guns, coils of rope, swivel guns, ship wheel, compass and search light, and about 50 rails. I'm also working on some boiler-style doors for the cabins. I'm tossing up whether to cast the basic door I have already made and then detail the duplicates, or just produce duplicates of it from styrene.

I'm going to be detailing the aft cabin next, followed by the Captain's cabin on the top deck. I really, really, can't wait to get this beast on the gaming table!


  1. She is looking really FINE mate! Really nice proportions. I say stick with it and try to finish this baby soon. Would love to have a game with it too. ;)

  2. Capital idea ;) Thanks for the comments mate, and everybody else so far, they make a huge difference!